Treat yourself to an amazing bathroom experience!

What if you could have an amazing bathroom experience and at the same time create a healthier environment?

Now, for the first time YOU CAN, with the Cogswell ™ Toilet Air Purifier, a motion sensor, battery-operated device designed as an air treatment system that removes odor right at its source, in the toilet bowl.

The air purifier’s unique, all-natural proprietary air filtration system creates a vortex air flow that removes embarrassing odor as it occurs, while releasing fresh, clean air to the room. It attaches to the side of the toilet bowl and rests on the exterior rim of the toilet. LED lights softly illuminate the toilet bowl and also serve as a night light.

The Cogswell ™ Toilet Air Purifier makes room sprays and plug-ins unnecessary; these air fresheners only mask odors and in the process contaminate the air with numerous chemicals exposing you and your family to a host of undisclosed, untested and potentially toxic substances.

No other air purifier on the market today utilizes a non-toxic filtration system as is integrated in the Cogswell ™ Toilet Air Purifier.