Want to enjoy an odorless, nontoxic bathroom environment and breath better?

If you want to breath in more oxygen in your bathroom environment instead of room sprays full of harmful chemicals, then perhaps it is time to consider investing in the new Cogswell ™ Toilet Air Purifier, the first odorless, green toilet air purifier, from Cogswell ™  Innovations.

Commercially available room sprays and plug-ins have been found to contain pollutants that are linked to potentially cause allergies, respiratory disease and other ailments.

How does it work, you ask?

Well, the Cogswell ™ Toilet Air Purifier was designed as an air treatment system that safely removes odor from the toilet bowl before it reaches the nose.  

It is a motion sensor, battery-operated device that vacuums the air through its unique, patented filtration system to remove the odor as it occurs, and returns fresh, clean air to the bathroom. The unit hangs on the outside of the toilet bowl and fits most standard toilets.

The organic, proprietary air filter cartridge is easily replaced with a new disposable cartridge when it no longer absorbs odor. The unit is sold with four batteries included for immediate use and ease.

No perfumes, no chemicals, only fresh air, protecting your lungs!

And as an added benefit, LED lights softly illuminate the toilet bowl and serve as a night light.