Odorless, Nontoxic Bathroom

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Want to enjoy an odorless, nontoxic bathroom environment and breath better?   If you want to breath in more oxygen in your bathroom environment instead of room sprays full of harmful chemicals, then perhaps it is time to consider investing in the new Cogswell ™ Toilet Air Purifier, the first odorless, green toilet air purifier, from [...]

An Amazing Bathroom Experience!

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Treat yourself to an amazing bathroom experience! What if you could have an amazing bathroom experience and at the same time create a healthier environment? Now, for the first time YOU CAN, with the Cogswell ™ Toilet Air Purifier, a motion sensor, battery-operated device designed as an air treatment system that removes odor right at its [...]

Harmful Substances

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Did you know that commercially available room deodorizers, plug-ins and sprays have ingredients that pose serious health hazards? That they are full of harmful chemicals which have been linked to cancer, allergies, respiratory diseases and developmental problems? A recent study by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) showed that some of these products contain up to 89 [...]