Cogswell Innovations™ offers to create a customized box with your logo containing the Cogswell™ Toilet Air Purifier.

Why not surprise and delight your guests with a more pristine and fresher experience befitting your hotel’s or cruise line’s fine reputation?

Until now, guests have resorted to ineffective attempts to mask odor in their hotel or cabin bathrooms: matches, candles, perfumes, or, nothing at all. Finally, there is a solution to keep their personal space odor-free.

Easy to use and clean, no incremental maintenance time. Each unit can be bar-coded for in-room security and in-room charge. Pricing allows for margin if pilfered.

Cogswell Innovations™ is creating odorless bathrooms with the Cogswell™ Toilet Air PurifierIt is a luxury your guests will appreciate.

It is a luxury your guests deserve.

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