“This product REALLY works. Haven’t had to use sprays since we installed it on our toilet. Would highly recommend it.”

– Basketmaker, GA (Sharper Image Customer)

“Since my wife and I have been using the Cogswell Toilet Air Purifier, we can now both get ready for work in the same bathroom each morning, with no nasty odors from the toilet. We love this product.”

– Sunil Sani, NY

“I didn’t believe my sister when she told me how your toilet air purifier removed bathroom odors. But after using it, I can verify that it really works! Now I want one in all three of my bathrooms.”

– T. C. Murphy, AZ

“I am currently on chemotherapy pills and I needed something to help me with the odor in my apartment after bowel movements. I was looking online and came across the Cogswell Toilet Air Purifier. The info on the website immediately held my interest as something that I could use to solve my problem. So, I ordered the product and it arrived a few days later. The purifier is doing the job it is supposed to and I am very happy. It is an affordable solution to my problem. I also ordered extra filters so as not to be without the product. Thank you Cogswell Innovations!”

– Sylvia Dix, FL

 “I have a house full of boys, so when I saw this existed, I was SO excited. It works great…no more unpleasant odors lurking from the bathroom! I would recommend this to a friend.

– Candy, IL (Sharper Image Customer)

“WOW! Now I’m not scared when my son visits, and he’s not embarrassed! Best of all, nobody has to remember to spray or do anything. You do your thing, and this little purifier gets to work automatically. Perfect for a guest bathroom.”

– KO

“Fantastic product and it works brilliant. Highly recommended. I have been using spray and air purifier for years to help with my bathroom odors. I must say I was skeptical when I first saw this product but I decided to buy one and try. I was totally blown away how well this thing works in getting rid of the odors, you just do your business and Bathroom is totally odorless. The night light feature was such a brilliant idea, it goes on automatically when I walk into the bathroom lighting up the bowl Fantastic product. And I would totally recommend it to anyone who wants to get rid of bathroom odors to get this. I will be buying a few more for myself and also as gifts for my friends and family. Wish this product was available years ago!!!”

– Amazon Customer 

 “GREAT! Attractive Design, Compact, Durable, Easy Controls, Lightweight, Long Battery Life. I would recommend this to a friend.

SANDMAN, CA (Sharper Image Customer)

“The Product REALLY WORKS! This Product is not only EASY to assemble and set up, IT WORKS! We bought this for our guest bathroom and it works like a charm! This product is the answer for any bathroom so we bought 5 more! Great product guys!”

– Amazon Customer

“In the past, fear of embarrassment made me dread sharing my windowless bathroom with overnight guests. But now I don’t have to worry about that, thanks to the Cogswell Toilet Air Purifier! Thank you for inventing this!”

– Jennifer D, OH

“What a wonderful product. After using the Cogswell Toilet Air Purifier, at first I was hesitant to believe that any product could remove the odor. This product does what it says and will always have a place in my home. It removes the odor without sprays. Love the light at night. Purchased mine from the website.”

– Brian Buffalo, FL

“There was always fear of embarrassment when guests visited my one bathroom home. Masking foul odors with scented sprays only made them more obvious. Your product has finally solved the problem – it’s the end of bathroom embarrassment.”

– I. Friedman, NY

 “Good product, helps my toilet eliminate the smell, would buy it again. I would recommend this to a friend.”

– KY (Sharper Image Customer)

“For some time now, I’ve been interested in cleaning without toxic chemical and heavy perfumes to which I seem to have an allergic response. This air purifier actually works to completely remove unpleasant odors from the toilet bowl! An added benefit is he pleasant, soft blue light that illuminates the entire interior of the bowl as one approaches the toilet. I only have one bathroom; so an overnight house guest doesn’t need to fumble around in the dark ring to find the bathroom light switch. I found this purifier simply great in every respect.”

– William C. Wilkes

“I love it!! It makes using the bathroom less embarrassing. All my house guests are always intrigued and love the product as well. I have one in every bathroom.”

– Amazon Customer

“This is a great product. I can’t believe that it takes out the odors out of the bathroom without sprays. Sprays are bad for your health. I love the blue light too!”

– Maura Lane

 “This product seems to work well, we have used it for several days now and it seems to do the trick. Everything was good, the packaging the box and the speed of delivery was perfect. I would recommend this to a friend.”

– Photonicmatt, PA (Sharper Image Customer)

“This is quite an invention. I found that it does eliminate odors, and does so without harmful chemical sprays – it just filters the air. It does so almost silently. It turns on automatically as one approaches the toilet. A really nice additional feature is that it automatically lights the toilet bowl with a soft blue light and thereby functions as a cool night light. The light and the filtration then stay on for a short time afterwards and then they automatically turn off. It required virtually no assembly and no wires – operates on just regular batteries. I’m very pleased with it. It really works!”

– Dr. Jack

“My wife and love this easy to install air filter system. We don’t use sprays anymore and it really helps when you have to pee in the middle of the night because you don’t have to turn on the light. The motion sensor turns on the unit and illuminates the toilet bowl.”