We all need to use the bathroom, but none of us enjoy leaving behind an unpleasant odor.

Cogswell Innovations™ is proud to introduce the Cogswell™ Toilet Air Purifier, a revolutionary, battery-operated device designed in the U.S.A. that is guaranteed to remove toilet bowl odors. Cogswell™Toilet Air Purifier fits neatly on the outside of the toilet bowl. The air filtration arm is placed on the inside of the bowl, and the angled grip allows it to hold securely in place. Its motion sensor recognizes the user’s presence, switches on an LED light which lights up the bowl, and then creates a vortex that removes the odor within seconds.

Powerful, patented and easy to use, the Cogswell™Toilet Air Purifier transforms the way people experience an unpleasant daily routine. And there is no need for harmful chemical sprays, plug-ins, candles or noisy fans. Cogswell™Toilet Air Purifier is a natural way to provide a clean and fresh bathroom.

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